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Chasity Chaos, NBC Chicago Street Team

Penny Starr Jr., producer of “The Velvet Hammer Burlesque” a self-titled documentary film on the Los Angeles neo-burlesque troupe, will be in town to conduct a burlesque workshop August 29 at Think Big Studios located at 2120 W. Grand Ave.Penny Starr Jr

The granddaughter of Philadelphia’s legendary burlesque performer Penny Starr, Starr Jr. decided to dedicate herself to uplifting the legacy of her grandmother after producing the film. “You can only live with the circus for so long before you want to join,” said Starr Jr.

The workshop boasts the following classes:

11am-12pm – A Burlesque Routine in 10 Moves or Less

12:15pm-1:15pm – Rhinestone Application & Design Principles

1:30pm-2:30pm – Take it Off: Pop vs. Peel Striptease Techniques

In addition to holding the workshops, Starr Jr. will also assist Chicago’s own burlesque production company Vaudezilla in celebrating the year anniversary of BROADZILLA!, a free burlesque show held the last Friday of every month at Exit, 1315 W North Av.

For more information on the workshop, visit http://vaudezilla.com/pennystarrjr.htm

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Chasity Chaos, NBC Chicago Street Team

“Nobody puts baby in a corner.” And evidently, no one can confine her to the small screen either. The women — and men (even if they won’t admit it) — of Chicago were thrilled when they heard that the worldwide musical smash hit Dirty Dancing would be having its pre-Broadway U.S. premiere at the Cadillac Palace Theatre.

But there was a different kind of dancing on display when the cast recently visited Flirty Girl Fitness for a party in the show’s honor.

Click here to read the full story and see video on www.nbcchicago.com.

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Chasity Chaos, NBC5 Street Team

Two festivals, one weekend… On one hand we had Lollapalooza – Chicago’s own annual music festival that features musicians from every genre of music ever conceptualized and even a few made up ones. This year, the festivals headlining acts were Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, and Kanye West.

On the other hand we had the Warped Tour – the annual touring music and extreme sports festival that started out as a showcase for punk rock music, but in the recent years has evolved into a showcase for a plethora of musical styles including, various genres of rock and other genres such as reggae and alternative hip hop. This year’s lineup boasted a few act’s I’ve heard of – Katy Perry, Gym Class Heroes, Shwayze, Against Me!, and the Horrorpops – and a few bands that I hadn’t heard of – 3OH!3, the Human Abstract, and the Aggrolites.

With all of these options, what was a girl to do? Well, since I figured that most of the street teamers would be heading over to La-La Land for their musical fix, I decided to go against the grain and rock it out at in Tinley Park at the Warped Tour, and I must say that I’m not disappointed.

Even though a lot of people deprecate the tour for unbridled commercialism, high concession prices, and “watered-down music,” I personally feel that the addition of more genres of music to the lineups added a much needed diversity. Where else could I see Katy Perry perform after the Human Abstract – the “brainy” progressive band named after metaphysical British poet William Blake? The Human Abstract has been catching a lot of heat after lead guitarist A.J. Minette, was replaced with Andrew Tapley, but if you ask me, Tapley’s lighting fingers have the potential to fill the void of Minette’s absence.

Even though I give the Warped Tour mad props for varying their lineup, in retrospect I don’t think it was a good idea for the high-spirited, bi-curious, pop vixen Katy Perry to follow a metal act, seeing as though she got hit with an open water bottle at the beginning of her set. But what woulda been a setback or a fight for other acts, didn’t even cause Perry to flinch. She went on to finished her act flawlessly, while even managing to sneak in a smooch session with, not one, but two girls during , “I kissed a Girl.”

Other highpoints of the show included performances by the Aggrolites – a Los Angeles band who literally, put the reggae back in ska music, and the Horrorpops. Now, when I walked over to the stage where the Horrorpops were to perform, I walked over as a girl who only new a little bit about psychobilly music and even less about the band, but I walked away as a fan. Not only did this band rock out the, lead singer/stand up bass player – Patricia Day – showed me what women in rock are truly capable of.

All in all, I had a great time. I walked into the gig wanting something different and I walked out with a gang of CDs and a new respect for some hot vets  and some new acts.

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Chasity Chaos, NBC5 Street Team Video

As most of you know, two of Chicago’s most illuminating rappers graced the city with their presence last week when they rolled through with their critically acclaimed ‘Glow In The Dark’ tour.

Kanye West aka “the Louis Vuitton Don” and Lupe Fiasco aka “Hip Hop’s Whiz Kid,” radiated the stage at the United Center along with N-E-R-D and Rihanna during the Glow in the Dark show… or so I heard. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the show. Tickets were sold out before I could “Kick, Push” and go buy some. My hookups at the label didn’t even have any extra tickets lying around! But fortunately, I found a way to finagle my way backstage with a camera crew to sit down with Mr. Fiasco himself to ask him a few questions that have been lingering in my mind.

With interruptions from Chris Brown and Pharrell Williams, along with Fiasco’s occasional departure to tell his crew and N-E-R-D to quiet down while we were talking, this was a Q&A that I’ll never forget.

Check it out for yourself.

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 Chasity Chaos, NBC5 Street Team  Video

If Hip Hop was a family, KRS-One would be that cool ass uncle. You know the one I’m talking about. The uncle that you would look up to and go to for advice because he is one of the few people in the family that’s been where you’ve been and that has already arrived at the destination you’re trying to get to; the only adult in your family that really understands you, doesn’t judge you, and mentors you instead of lecturing you.

Beyond his obvious skills as a lyrical mastermind, KRS-One is one of the few MCs that has taken their involvement in music beyond that of pure showmanship and cultivated it into the constant development of Hip Hop as a culture.

For those of you that don’t know, KRS-One is an essential pioneering figure in Hip Hop. Known to some as “The Teacha,” he is said to be on of the greatest MCs to ever hold the mic. KRS-One has been active in the Hip Hop game for well over 20 years. He is most widely known as a member of the historical Hip Hop group Boogie Down Productions.

In 1989 as a response to the ever growing violence in Black communities (KRS-One’s business partner and fellow group member Scott La Rock died after being engaged in a violent event) and Hip Hop (during a concert by Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy, a young fan was killed in a fight), KRS-One galvanized into action and formed the Stop the Violence Movement. Comprising of some of the biggest stars in contemporary East Coast Hip Hop at that time – Boogie Down Productions (KRS-One, D-Nice & Ms. Melodie) Stetsasonic (Delite, Daddy O, Wise (DJ) & Frukwan) Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, Just-Ice, Heavy D, Public Enemy (Chuck D & Flavor Flav) – the movement released a single (‘Self Destruction’) in 1989 with all proceeds going to the National Urban League. ‘Self-Destruction’ was produced by KRS-One and D-Nice of Boogie Down Productions.

Fast forwarding to today, over ten years after the birth of the Stop the Violence Movement, KRS-One has reincarnated the movement. Now the movement is aimed at raising funds for edutainment using the fundamental core elements of Hip Hop to educate the world against gun crime, violence, and other major social issues in the local neighborhoods, without any discrimination.

With a revitalized concept in mind, KRS-One decided to roll through Chicago in order to spread his message of nonviolence. (His presences in Chicago could not come at a better time considering the recent uproar of violence among CPS (Chicago Public School) students.) He has been a prized guest of Chicago for the past few days, appearing Flawless Barbershop for a BBQ, Cubby Bear for a fundraising concert, Stagg Elementary School for a lecture, in addition to appearing at numerous radio stations throughout the Greater Chicago Area.

Tomorrow, April 15th, during KRS-One’s last day in Chicago, he will lecture at Crane High School at 10am, attend a Township Hall Meeting at Michelle Clark High School at 7:30pm, and end his day with the “Stop the Violence” reception at Blu 47 which will be held from 7pm to 10pm. I hope to catch some of you out there supporting KRS-One and his vision at some of the events tomorrow.

Be Peace!

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