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Paul M. Banks a.k.a. The Sports Bank Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen often comes under fire in the media for what he says to and about managers, players, and journalists alike. Guillen is certainly never afraid to speak his mind. He’s earned a reputation for being animated. (or some would say eccentric.) And the Sox play in the ALDS so far is enough to make anyone affiliated with the team go “eccentric”. My personal opinion? I’m proud that my Sox are led by somebody with a Borat like candor and Tony “Scarface” Montana like habits for adjective, verb and noun usage. I LOVE that we have a personality considered as “colorful” as anybody in all of sports. He’s even been parodied on Mad TV. His soundbites are even better in person as I recently had the chance to listen to him in the dugout and clubhouse on the same weekend that he trashed his office.

On his star player Carlos Quentin breaking his hand from hitting an inanimate object, and how he would (and did) handle simlar frustrating situations…

“I used to break everything down here. TVs. Pipelines everything. Cuz I’m not going to hit myself. I’d rather pay $500 to fix it…I’m not going to show emotion in front of my players, but I go into the office, I do what I have to do, I came back out I was normal.”

On his rules regarding players breaking things in the clubhouse…

“I’m not a babysitter. I can’t control that, but I tell them when you throw something make sure you don’t hit one of your teammates, cuz that will be a problem. There will be a fight, do whatever you want, but I was the worst player doing that. I used to break ping pong tables, tv screens. I cracked three different music systems. I destroyed the bath room during the first game in spring training.”

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