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Marcus Riley, NBC5 Street Team (video)

Watch the weekly “Word On The Street” segment on 24/7 Chicago: Secrets of the City,” at 12:05 a.m., immediately following Saturday Night Live on NBC5.

This week we taped our Word On The Street segment at the Chicago Outdoor Film Festival. This is turning into one of my favorite summer in Chicago pastimes — although I was never a big fan of the Blues Brothers movie (I know that’s sacrilegious in Chicago parts), and watching it on the big screen didn’t help it out much. Also a word for the people who bring chairs to the park — nobody can see behind you! Not cool. Anyway, click here for more information. Movie start times are at dusk, which I can’t help noticing is getting earlier and earlier.

The Chicago Park District has a number of events throughout the summer designed to help kids get in touch with nature. In this week’s segment, I specifically mentioned Toddlers, Tunes and Turtles at Piotrowski Park, but click here for even more family-friendly Park District events.

Speaking of family friendly, don’t forget about the Bud Billiken Parade next weekend. If you’ve never witnessed this, check it out this year. It’s one of the funnest parades I’ve ever witnessed. Sure endless school marching and drill teams can get kind of redundant, but every now and then they throw something else in the mix, like a group of jammin’ Hari Krishnas, or a Caribbean band and dancers. Fun times. It always falls on the second Saturday of August, so check it out next week.

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