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Hungry Z, NBC5 Street Team

“To eat well, is to live well.” Truer words have never been spoken, and it’s the slogan the folks at Lombard’s Brio Tuscan Grille (330 Yorktown Center) live by.

Brio actually means vigor and liveliness, so you might say to eat well, is to live brio. If the folks at Brio have their way, you’ll be livin’ large by nights end!

Brio likes to put its own twist on some familiar favorites. Four variations of bruschetta are punctuated by a wonderful roasted red pepper, sweet balsamic, and fresh mozzarella rendition. Ditch the usual potato soup options and instead choose the velvety and slightly spicy lobster and shrimp bisque. Lumps of shrimp provide texture and the right amount of spice warms the back of your throat.

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