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Lindsay_small_2Lindsay Saewitz, NBC Chicago Street Team

Hey everyone! I’m SO excited to be part of the NBC Chicago Street Team! I’ll be writing about a few of my favorite things — bars, food, and maybe a snippet of reality TV. Today let’s get started with some food!

Since the 1950s, North Shore high schoolers have flocked to this Evanston hot spot, half for the Lorettas and half for the scene. With this winning combination, it makes perfect sense that the new Sarkis location, named Sarks in the Park, is located in the heart of Lincoln Park at the corner of Clark and Fullerton (in the former Sinbad’s spot).

Owners Josh Alomia and Danny Gallagher open Sarkis in Lincoln Park

Owners Josh Alomia and Danny Gallagher open Sarkis in Lincoln Park

The new Sarks, franchised by GBS and New Trier graduates Danny Gallagher and Josh Alomia, was scheduled to open yesterday but had to push back the opening until Saturday, July 18th. If you were one of the loyal Sarks followers who awaited the opening for weeks, you probably snagged a few free sandwich cards. If you happen to be walking by this week you might snag some as well!

This breakfast-all-day spot is best known for the “Loretta” sandwich, made of grilled french bread, white brick cheese, your choice of bacon, ham, turkey, or the spiced sausage coined the “Disaster”, plus all the fixins- mayo, green pepper, onion, tomato, and maybe some hot sauce if you’re in the mood for something spicy.

If you’re worried about your calorie count, this Sarks location will be offering a lower-fat Loretta made with wheat bread, low-fat cheese, and turkey. Still probably not the healthiest choice, but might save you an extra few minutes of cardio. Sarks also offers more traditional breakfast items like omelets, french toast, and pancakes.

With a hot location, large patio, outdoor speakers bumping, and late night hours (open ’til midnight on the weekends and possibly 4 am in the future), this new addition to the neighborhood is sure to satisfy both your party scene and food cravings. Prepare for a wait, but according to Alomia it will be well worth it after you try the “best breakfast in the world.”

Sarks in the Park
444 W. Fullerton Parkway at Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614
Opening Satur
day, July 18th

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rebecca_1Rebecca Taras, NBC Chicago Street Team

Many restaurants make claims or throw the words “world famous” in front of an item like a meatball – “famous” in the eyes of the chef, perhaps. Shine restaurant, however, actually has a history worth bragging about. Formerly known as Shine Morida, the restaurant was the first in Chicago to incorporate a Japanese sushi bar back in 1993.

But alas, even some of the best (or first) need a refresh. Owners Jeff Zhang and Sandy Yu (Rise and Farmerie 58) recently debuted their new location, 756 W. Webster Avenue, at the corner of Webster Avenue and Halsted Street in the heart of Lincoln Park. shine20i11

What to expect? “Our Chinese cuisine and Japanese sushi menu is predominately the same from the former location to stay true to our roots and to continue to provide our customers with the best quality offering as possible, ” said Yu.  This is good news for fans of  Shine’s Maki or Lemongrass Chicken. New menu items include Hong Kong Steak and Shiro Miso Glazed Salmon.

If you are over eggs and pancakes, Shine jumped on the Sunday brunch bandwagon and is offering their own version of a weekend favorite. And for the lazy, Shine delivers to your door at a $15 minimum.

Over sixteen years and going strong, looks as though there is a bright and shiny future ahead.

Dinner hours are 4 pm-10 pm, Sunday-Thursday and 4 pm- 11pm, Friday and Saturday. Weekend Brunch is served from 11 am – 3pm on Sundays.

www.shinerestaurant.com or call 773. 296.0101

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D.C. “Fete Select TV” Crenshaw, NBC5 Street Team

Brunch is arguably my favorite meal on the weekends.  My selection criteria for the perfect brunch spot is pretty particular when it comes to my Sunday afternoon feast.  I must have good food, an extensive menu with a nice selection of breakfast and lunch items, and great cocktails.  The vibe must be appealing, and of course, cost is always a factor.  Next to New York City, Chicago has some of the best hidden gems for brunch when it comes to major cities.  I found one such gem, maybe not as hidden as most, in the South Loop.

Cuatro Cocina Nuevo Latino has it all when it comes to my criteria.  Their Bossa Novo Brunch was delectable.  The food was bangin’, the cocktails were slammin’, and the vibe was on point.  In a nutshell, I liked it a lot.  Executive Chef Edie Jimenez’ menu consists of soulful flavors of Latin America, Caribbean and Mexican cuisine.  Brunch standouts include the Tropical Pancakes, Chilaquiles, and Pan Frances (thick french toast with vanilla roasted sweet plaintains and farmers cheese).  Cuatro’s 10 cane rum cocktails flowed nicely and were a perfect complement to my meal.   Great music adds to any brunch vibe and Cuatro has it with the lively Brazilian sounds of “Bossa Tres”.

Cuatro’s brunch is served Sundays 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  “Bossa Tres” performs 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Dinner is served Monday – Saturday 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm and Sundays 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Cuatro is located at 2030 South Wabash Ave. (312) 842-8856  www.cuatro-chicago.com.

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