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Blagica Bottigliero, NBC5 Street Team (Video)

It was one of those weeknights that are  pretty common these days. I have a business meeting or speaking event around 6, I finish around 7:30, swing by Eno to see my the Windy City Wine Guy (aka my husband, Michael), then hop on the red line or bus to head home.

Last week, however, the wine bar was busy, I was starving and I needed some food – pronto. I also wanted to relax (have a brewski, perhaps) and be alone with my thoughts.

I decided to venture down to Billy Goat Tavern. As soon as I swung the door open, I knew I made the right choice. Multiple baseball games were on, the gal at the counter smiled and no one gave me a funny look for being a single girl entering a tavern. Perfect.

I ordered my Double Cheese, root beer, chips and settled into a cozy corner. The White Sox game was in front of me and tables were scattered with business groups and other solo diners.

I ate my meal, yelled at Jim Thome a few times and had an across-the-room conversation with the other guy watching the game. With my tummy full, I packed my things, said goodbye to the folks behind the corner and head to the red line.

It make me smile knowing that under the rumblings of busy Michigan Avenue, we have a Chicago staple that was the home of so many writers, politicians and other city busy bodies. I’m proud to be one of those people carrying the torch!

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