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rebecca_1Rebecca Taras, NBC Chicago Street Team

Black-tie event season is starting to pick up, but let’s face it; not everyone can spring for the $500+ ticket – no matter how big your charitable heart is! Well it seems as though many organizations are becoming savvy to the fact that many folks (and large corporations) are having to tighten their financial purse strings lately. Here’s a roundup of some fun events happening this weekend that support and celebrate a variety of causes while showing you a good time in the process.

Skyline Soiree – June 5th

The American Cancer Society’s inaugural Skyline Soiree will be held on Friday at the Harris Theatre Rooftop at Millennium Park. The event was created to balance out their annual grandiose black-tie affair, providing a lower priced event that still provides a high level of fun and entertainment. Hosted by the Associate Board of Ambassadors, the whimsical carnival theme will help guests get into the summer spirit.  Festivities begin at 7:00 p.m. with cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres and will include a silent auction, raffle and (of course) carnival games. Tickets are $75 in advance and $95 night-of-event. For more information, please call 312.279.7213 or visit www.skylinesoiree.org.



“Let’s Hear it For the Girls” Summer Solstice Fashion Show – June 5th

OK, so this event isn’t exactly charity related, but something should be said for supporting young up and coming Chicago designers, right? Chicago hotspot, Lumen (839 W. Fulton Market) and Outfit Events will present the launch of its monthly female-focused event, “Let’s Hear it for the Girls Party” with a  Summer Solstice Fashion Show featuring summer collections by designers Miriam Carlson, Tiffany Albert, Caroline Borucki and Britney Devaris. If you like what you see in the show, it could very well be your lucky day. Sometime after 11 p.m.,  one piece from each designer’s line will be raffled off! All ladies can enjoy complimentary cover all night long and complimentary champagne cocktailsfrom 9 to 11 p.m.  Remember if you already have plans, this is a new monthly event that you should definitely pencil in your social calendar.  RSVP  required to  info@lumen-chicago.com.

Guiness Book of World Records Bar Crawl – June 6th

This may be the very first bar crawl you’ll ever participate in – or think about joining. Thirsty crawlers from around Chicago are lining up to take part in a once in a lifetime event: The World’s Biggest Bar Crawl. Never mind your liver, at least a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation. This Saturday, Chicago will strive to break a Guinness World Record originally set by 3, 163 bar crawlers in New York City . In order to break the record, all crawlers must visit at least eight bars on the course, with the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishment with an event after party at Stone Lotus Lounge. On crawl day, beginning at 10:00 a.m., participants will earn a participating bar discount card to enjoy $2 drafts, $1 soft drinks, great food and other specials along the way.  Any participants that reach the 8 pub goal will also receive discount cards to use at each sponsor’s establishment, at a later date. NBC-Krawlinweb[1]

The itinerary involves stops at several food and bev hotspots. Some of the participants include: Bull & Bear, Glascott Saloon, Prost!, State Restaurant & Lounge, Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort, Mad River Bar & Grille, The Coach House, Toasted Ox and more.

The event is expected to have more than 5,000 crawlers on board. A portion of each $15 ticket will be donated to benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation. And, an official judge from the Guinness Book of World Records will be present to make sure that all abide by the official record-breaking rules. For more information please visit http://thebiggestbarcrawl.com/.

Blondes VS. Brunettes Powder Puff Flag Football – June 6th

The longstanding rivalry between hair colors continues with a new fundraiser to Chicago, Blondes vs. Brunettes (BvB). As the name suggests, 22 blondes and 26 brunettes take the competition to the football field in a fundraiser on behalf of The Alzheimer’s Association presented by the Gold Coast Wellness Center. The national organization, began in Washington D.C. over four years ago, brings talented, bright and beautiful women together locally for the ultimate powder puff football game in the hopes of raising funds for patients with the disease.

Game day starts at 1p.m. this Saturday at Diversey Harbor (2601 N. Cannon). A $25 donation will also provide access to the BvB After Party. Fans and patrons can also anticipate halftime entertainment as well as live music from local band Morley Shertz.  After the game, everyone will head over to Sheffield’s (3258 N. Sheffield) for the official Blondes vs. Brunettes After Party, from  3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Expect barbecue, beer and cocktails, as well as $3 Bud Light and Miller Lite bottles in honor of the festivities (those who donated $25 at the game will receive two free beers compliments of Sheffield’s). For more information, please visit http://www.blondesvsbrunettes.com.

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How’s The Bar?

Theresa Carter, The Local Tourist, NBC Chicago Street Team

This bitter cold has turned quite a few people into hermits. Scores of events have been canceled and rescheduled for, hopefully, warmer times. Now it’s Friday, and fear of frostbite notwithstanding it’s time to get out of the house. So tonight you grab some friends, head to a bar, and trip over the tumbleweeds. You just know other people have been feeling the same itch to get out, but where are they?

There’s a new service in town to help you find them. How’s The Bar members keep each other informed on crowd size, age, gender ratio, drink value, and entertainment. You can search ahead of time to see how a place has been rated in the past, or you can see how it is in real time. Circles of friends can update each other with text alerts, and you can post to Facebook and MySpace.

Sounds like a great concept that’ll really take the pain out of deciding on the next bar. You know how it is; you’re having an OK time, but you’d like a different scene. Or, you’ve already paid your $20 cover and don’t want to cough up another one if there’s nobody there or everyone’s having Girl’s Night Out and all the guys have stayed in the hinterlands. Unless you’re a guy – then that’s your perfect place and exactly what you want to know.

Like any community it’ll depend on the people who join, so spread the word. They’ve already got about 700 members. I plan on digging out from under my layers of clothing this weekend. Hopefully How’s The Bar will help me heat things up.

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Justin Allen, NBC5 Street Team

I must be getting old. That’s the only way I can justify the fact that, as a lifelong, die-hard Cubs fan, I found myself  irritable and cranky as I walked through the crowds in Wrigleyville before the game last night. I guess the years of disappointment and loss have not been kind to my  tolerance of overly excited large crowds and high-priced Old Style.

The dream endures...

The dream endures...

I’d decided to head out to soak in some of the playoff atmosphere and find a place to watch the game among like-minded fans around the ballpark.  But after grumbling at the site of Ronny Woo Woo (why is he so famous?), and groaning at the site of some fan’s novelty haircut and seething as I waded through crowds of depressingly optimistic Cubs fans, I realized why I was acting like a angry old woman: I was stone cold sober.

Your mother is very disappointed with your haircut.

Your mother is very disappointed with your haircut.

Silly me.  I knew better than to head into the baby bear’s den without a head full of hope and belly full of beer.  But this situation needed to be remedied…fast.  And in my state of mind, I was no shape for the Wrigleyville mainstays of Murphy’s Bleachers, The Cubby Bear, or even Sluggers, leaving me with very few options.  Luckily, the bar chose me.

“Cold beer here!” said a voice in front of me.

No. Way. A beer man on the street??  Suddenly, everything was coming up Justin.

“I’ll…take…a…beer?” I responded apprehensively.

“Sure thing, right down there,” he said pointing to a basement door with a neon Miller sign that read, “Bar Open.”

His fame remains a mystery.

Ronny Woo Woo: His fame remains a mystery.

Now normally, I’m not one to put myself in a situation where I think I might be murdered.  And frankly, in my mind, strange basements are typically a hotbed for that sort of thing.  But with with Def Leppard’s hit “Pour Some Sugar on Me” blaring through the door and a sign that read “$5 domestic cans”, I couldn’t help myself.

What I saw after walking through that door can only be described as magical: TV’s as far as the eye can see, a large, easily accessibly bar, room to move around, yet still crowded enough to be fun…and the best part: $3 hot dogs and $5 domestic cans ($0.50 cheaper than most of its competitors).

Heaven awaits...

Heaven awaits...

I’d found a bar I thought to only be a Wrigelyville urban legend: DugOut Sports Bar & Grill.  Located at 950 W. Addison St., Suite B (read: between an ATM machine and a ticket reseller), DugOut is one of the best kept secrets in Wrigleyville.  Aesthetically it resembles the bar in your parent’s basement. Socially it’s much less pathetic. It’s a good mixture of true-blue Cubs fans who actually watch every single pitch, and the hangers-on and bandwagoners that help lift the true-blue fan’s spirits with their naive optimism.

Like your parent's basement...only less pathetic.

DugOut: A lot less pathetic than your parent's basement.

So as I feasted on a $3 hot dog and the old woman in me retreated back from whence she came, I marveled at the fact that win or lose, I’d found my new gameday hangout.

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D.C. “Fete TV” Crenshaw, NBC5 Street Team

Been to Sixteen yet?  Have you checked out Rebar?  Well if you haven’t, you may want to check these two new hot spots out this weekend.  Sixteen is the new fine dining restaurant in the Trump International Hotel & Tower.  Located on the 16th floor, Sixteen touts itself as ” a world class dining desitination”.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting an inside look at this restaurant and was impressed with Executive Chef Frank Brunacci’s daily changing menu, the vibe and service that they provided.

Phillip Posch, Director of Food and Beverage says that they are attempting to avoid a pretentious atmosphere, but want to attract a hip down to earth crowd.  They want diners to feel luxurious but “with a sense of modernity and dynamism”.  The modern American cuisine has been getting good reviews and the views are spectacular.  Upon completion, the Trump International Hotel & Tower will be the second largest building in Chicago.  Guests will be able to enjoy panoramic views of Chicago’s famous skyline, the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

Rebar is Trump’s hip new lounge on the Mezzanine level of the hotel.  Managed by Michael Frank, Rebar offers a vibrant, social atmosphere with picturesque views.  This lounge has been getting a lot of buzz, since more and more Chicagoans discovered the new hot spot.  Just like other lounge concepts in the city, Rebar boasts bottle service for those that want to reserve a table with friends.  They also have creative drink concepts which include a punch bowl concoction that goes for $215.  Be ready to share that with friends.  Check out Sixteen on our Fete Select TV segment below or log onto www.efete.net to view our other Fete Select TV featured hot spots.

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Right Zed Fed

Dave Leonard, NBC5 Street Team, (Video)

“Free food??? I’m there!!!” This was my reply when I got the invite from my good friend at the Burnham hotel for one of the pre-grand openings of the stylish restaurant/bar and lounge, Zed 451. 

Located in the heart of the River North part of downtown, Zed 451 has a very busy atmosphere from the moment you walk through the door.  There are several rooms inside, both upstairs and downstairs bustling with hosts and hostesses, servers and patrons.  The eye-catching wood decor gives you a warm, inviting feeling with several large fireplaces…almost like you’re stepping into a huge ski lodge.  The first room you see is the bar and lounge with it’s cool intimate lighting and music…great place to unwind after a hard days work.  A huge wine storage area partially fills the space with an assortment of wines from all over the world.

The main dining area was overwhelming with the surrounding all-you-can-eat harvest bars that included the freshest of food items including: cheeses, soups, salads, and fruits.  If you’re not careful, you can easily fill up quick in this area and not have enough room for the main course.   

After nibbling on a few appetizers from the Harvest Bar, it was time for the real deal.  The main course set up at Zed 451 is very similar to Fogo De Chao.  Instead of a red and green coaster, you place a stone on your table to alert the chefs that you are ready to eat.  One by one they start to bring several meat, fish, and poultry selections for you to choose from until you can’t eat another bite.

Far be it for me to be the restaurant critic — not to mention that beggars can’t be choosy — but I have to be honest and say I was a tad bit underwhelmed by some of the food.  With the exception of the chimichurri chicken wings and the citrus-glazed salmon, a lot of the steak portions left a little to be desired.  Perhaps it was me being greedy, but the portions didn’t come as frequent as I would have hoped, and the near nail in the coffin was the restaurant running out of the chocolate desserts.

All in all, my experience at Zed 451 was good and the staff was very friendly and attentive.  For a new hotspot, I would definitely recommend and give it another try.

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