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Shlomi Rabi, NBC5 Street Team

It’s impossible not to feel like you’re under fire with the myriad of technological arrows shooting at us on a daily basis. Most days are spent trying to grab, or dodge, as many arrows as possible — a celebrity’s Tweet about giving birth; a friend texting dinner invitations; a significant other calling your cell; a backpacking cousin Skyping; an old classmate poking you on Facebook; your boss’ frantic email. In short, it’s a technological war zone.

It’s definitely time for a break, and that’s where Matt Leyes’ Men’s Grooming Parlor (5316 N Clark St.) comes in handy. The recently opened space in Andersonville offers a peaceful atmosphere in a handsomely decorated space that feels like a cross between a stately English library and a cozy bed & breakfast.

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Fayth aka Relaxocat, NBC5 Street Team

Candelabras bring to the imagination a vision of Beethoven playing the Moonlight Sonata on a grand piano with a candelabra on top, or a roam through a big castle with a candelabra’s flickering candles lighting the way.  Maybe I’ve watched too many movies?  Candelabras provide the warm light of many flames burning together, enhancing a mood or environment.  I say all that, but I don’t yet have one, though that may change soon.

This Friday the work of artist, Joseph Ivacic, will go on display at Haus in Andersonville.  Joseph’s chosen medium is glass and this particular display entitled, “Things Left Behind”, presents us with beautiful glass candelabras.  His candelabras are intricate yet simple, delicate yet substantial. They evoke a feeling of the Renaissance period though they are modern in a way that can enhance any room.  I might need to have one and you might too!

As a conceptual artist, my work reflects my interest in nature, current events, relationships and the human condition.

Haus specializes in the integration of art and design for the home by providing handmade, unique, and limited production furntiure and home accessories.

Each piece we select reflects the sensibilities of modern design and the timelessness of traditional craft.

There will be an opening reception with refreshments on Friday, September 19th from 7-10 p.m. and the work will remain at Haus throughout September and Octoer.

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Shlomi Rabi NBC5 Street Team

One of my most vivid memories growing up in Israel is getting my ass kicked, and by older sister, no less. She was undoubtedly the God of me and I had to answer to her at all times. So I would spend my afternoon combing her perm, complimenting her on her bubble gum-pink balloon skirts, and help her cover her forearms in jelly bracelets. If I ever failed to worship the ground on which she walked and accidentally not clapped enough after another one of her ravishing Madonna impersonations, my ass would most likely get pretzeled by evening time. The bliss. However, if anyone else ever tried to hurt me, they’d be dead meat. The message was loud and clear: no one messed with my sister’s # 1 bitch.

I have no idea why I just shared that with you, but it feels really good to let go of that. *sigh*.. Much better. So, the weekend is coming up and one place that anybody who is doing everybody will be is the Andersonville Midsommerfest. The gay-and-lesbianic-friendly event features a ton of stuff, from a squillion restaurant stands, to four stages featuring live entertainment, and an excuse for many of Chicago’s sex-deprived masses to–and I’m quoting from the website–“dance around the Maypole.” A-hem. So yeah, if you are in the mood for some great music, a “pet parade” (I know, sounds dirty, but hey, it’s on their website), an enormous pole, or just feeling like escaping your abusive older sister, this is the place for you. Remember to wear lotion. I don’t want to see leather faces come Monday.

Midsommerfest will take place in Andersonville (Foster & Clark is a good bet), Saturday-Sunday, from 11:00a.m. to 10:00p.m.

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