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Paul M. Banks a.k.a. The Sports Bank, NBC Chicago Street Team

Duke Head Coach Krzyzewski grew up in Chicago (near Augusta and Damen) and was recruited by Bob Knight to play basketball at the U.S. Military Academy. He later became head coach at West Point before taking the same position at Duke University. In his 29th season at Duke, Krzyzewski was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame after being selected as National Coach of the Year 12 times.

Under his reign, the Blue Devils have won three NCAA championships (1991, 1992, 2001) and 10 Final Fours.
Coach K was also named head coach of the USA Basketball Men’s Senior National team, a position he held through the team’s gold medal winning performance in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

On Tuesday, Krzyzewski was in town to lead a group of some of the nation’s top collegiate coaches in the NABC Foundation’s Ticket To Reading Rewards (TTRR) program. The coaches went to Chicago middle schools to visit with students and the TTRR program, a reading incentive program that encourages Middle School students to read books outside the classroom and obtain rewards for reading.

It was there that I had an exclusive chat with Coach K. on Chicago’s Olympic bis his old neigborhood and many more Chicago-related topicskobe-and-coach-k

TSB: Have you checked out the Chicago 2016 plans?

Coach K: Actually, we saw the presentation while we were in Beijing and I was really proud of what’s there. The city is already beautiful, but to put in all those venues and to have all the world here- if there are people on other planets, they will see the glow coming from Chicago during the time of the Olympics, its already beautiful, but it will glow. They’ll be a buzz for the 8 years leading up to it and forever afterwards. I think we take it for granted in Chicago the cultures we have, it really is -more than other city in America- a world city.

TSB: As a fellow Polish-American myself, I’m proud to mention that we have the largest population of Poles outside of Warsaw…

Coach K: Whether you’re Romanian, African-American, Greek, Italian, it doesn’t make a difference: Chinese, Japanese you see the celebration of all these cultures all the time. I don’t live here anymroe, but whenever I come back,I’m amazed by what they’ve done from the inner city growing out, especially in my own neighborhood, Ukrainian Village.

TSB: And how about the United Center as an Olympic Venue, the house that Michael built with the statue of his airness right outside tell me about the prospect of a Gold Medal game being played in this venue…

Coach K: People from around the world of basketball would think it’s such an honor, to play on the court that Michael Jordan played on, he’s a world figure and the United Center is such a special place anyway.

For the Full interview click here.

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Some of the same reasons that I moved to Chicago are the same reasons that I think it would be pretty sweet to have the 2016 Olympics here! And Millennium Park is one of my most favorite things EVER!

What do YOU love about Chicago?

Videography by Courtney Hannibal.

See more video at JenChicago.com

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

So Chicago and ME kinda got this whole love thing going on… and when the Chicago 2016 Organization asked me to be a part of bringing the Olympics to My Love, I jumped at the chance! After all, Chicago’s Sweetheart WOULD be incredibly supportive, yes? Yes. (You’re so smart.)

Therefore, expect to see a whole lotta Olympic chatter coming outta JenChicago! Granted, I just moved here, but it sounds like a big ol’ party if you ask me… and well… I sho’ do like a good party!

‘Cause there ain’t no city like this Midwest city, ’cause this Midwest city don’t stop!

Anyhow, there were some crazy-smart and influential Chicago social media peeps in attendance INCLUDING some of my fellow NBC5 Street Teamers, like The Local Tourist and Blagica Bottigliero! (Woot-Woot!) We all had some very authentic discussions about the impact of the Olympics and I am extremely anxious to see how we, as a community, will invite the world over for some fun in the Chicago sun!

So, get out your megaphone and pom-poms! We’re gonna need your help.

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Tuesdays at sunset in Grant Park. *sigh*

I almost don’t even have to say anything more…. The Chicago Outdoor Film Festival is an amazing gift that everyone is invited to enjoy and many take the city up on it.

Grab a blanket, snacks, your best pals and some sparkling grape juice (because technically… there’s no alcohol allowed. Umm… right.) and head out to enjoy a picnic with about a million (I have no idea how many people… a lot) other friends of Chicago.

Thank you to all of the people that chatted with me. Thank you, Daley for helping to make this happen. I think this video exemplifies so much of what is wonderful about Chicago. Beauty, energy and wonderful people. It’s no wonder we are a candidate city for the 2016 Olympics! (Whoop- whoop!)

Oh, Chicago… I just love your guts!

Music by Rick Cates, City Lights.

More videos and fun at JenChicago.com

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