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Eric Smith, NBC Chicago Street Team

On location at the Millennium Hotel, Thursday August 6.

So what brings you to the Windy City?
What brings me to the city is that I’m promoting my new album called “Imperial Blaze”…comes out August 18th.

I see you’ve sold over 10 millions records. Let’s talk about that journey and how you got started from there to Imperial Blaze.

In Stores August 18th.

In Stores August 18th.

For sure…my career started with me just lovin’ music. A friend of mine got into music at the end of high school and it came to pass that I got introduced to studios and people started to like the voice and like the flow. Like the first thing was being on a big stage in Jamaica called “Sting” back in 1998, it featured people like Busta Rhymes from the hip hop world. After that I was able to do a song with DMX who was one of the biggest artists in Jamaica at that time. Then there was a song called “Here Comes The Boom” from the movie “Belly” that Hype Williams produced and what not. And then the song “Deport Dem” really got big in New York City and got a lot of play.

And then about a year after that in 2001 my second album was coming out “Dutty Rock” was comin’ out. The song called “Gimme the Light” got a very big spread. Since I’ve had a couple of songs rank as high as #1 on the Billboard Charts such as “Get Busy”, “Temperature”, a song featuring myself and Beyonce which is a song called “Baby Boy”. A song with Keyshia Cole went to #3 on the BillBoard charts, a song called “Like Glue” went to #7…”I’m still in Love” featuring Sasha went to number 12. So we have a lot of repertoire coming up to this day, man. And those are all different steps, help me to pave the way to be sittin’ here in front of you, ya know what I mean…tellin’ my story of what’s up next in Imperial Blaze.

Now I got started producing festivals with Super Cat. The first time I heard you I was like, “That’s Super Cat!” And they were like…no, no that’s Sean Paul.
The Superdor, Superdor he’s still the Super. Cause you know, he’s my pops in the business! He helped pave the way…I got to give respect to him.

Let’s talk about “So Fine” which is the rockin’ new single out now. Talk about that single and when you know a song is hot and going to blow up.

Well I mean…I try and put feeling into my songs, to my artwork. Feeling is what artwork is about…I think it is about that feeling deep down in your and soul channeling it and bringing it to the rest of world. In “So Fine”, I loved the melody, I loved the chords that was being played in the riddim, so it just took off from there… it’s a club banger cause da riddim is so hot.

So you got any upcoming shows in Chicago?
I’m gonna be here tonight and tomorrow night, so I’m probably just going to go into to clubs and sing and DJ a couple verses, couple line to let people know what’s up. However you can stay in touch with me on allseanpaul.com. It got blogs about reggae and dancehall. It’s got what I been doing lately on it, shows. It’s got a tour schedule dat should be printed up, probably by November this year. People can order my album out August 18th or pre-order it to. Also, like every now and then there’s competitions that run on the site. Like I had an “Ultimate Fan” competition running for about 3 to 4 weeks now, which just ended like this week. So I designed two chains…white gold and diamonds then I gave it to two of my favorite fans who won. Things like that gone happening every now and then on the site.

And one last thing…Sean Paul is it Henriques…? You have a Latin back ground…?
So I got a lot of different blood in me from Black, Portuguese, White from England and Chinese. My father’s family has Portuguese and Black blood. My Chinese and England bloodline comes from my mother’s family.

Well you know, me and my peeps are considering putting together another festival “Metropolatino” and you know we are interested in having you headline to get that moving.

For sure I got that blood there so let’s do it…you can’t keep me out!

Download the audio to hear the entire the Sean Paul “Imperial Blaze” interview!

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Dave Leonard, NBC5 Street Team, (Video) In this day and age of ringtone rappers, one-hit wonders, and soft-core sex-laden R&B, it’s like a breath of fresh air when a hidden gem can shine through all the filler. With a small selection of songs in commercial radio’s playlist, consumers sometimes are force-fed a daily dose of “microwave music” where the supply often overshadows the demand. Quality soul music is more abundant than one may think…you just have to “listen”. Julie Dexter is here to fulfill that demand. The world-renowned, Birmingham, England-bred, singer/songwriter displayed her dynamic range at a rare showcase this past weekend at the new “it” spot, julie dThe Shrine (located at 2109 S. Wabash). Julie Dexter’s vibrant style and jazzy vocals exude soul and her followers came out to support her. The showcase presented by IGM Entertainment had a record crowd turn out to hear the UK songstress perform favorites such as “Ketch A Vibe” and “Faith” off her 2002 album, “Dexterity”. The very popular jazz group, Zzaje, backed the intimate performance at The Shrine. Dexter, who has shared the stage with soulful legends such as Sade and modern heavy-hitters like Jill Scott, Eric Roberson, and Amel Larrieux kicked off her set with a tribute to another legend that inspired her by the name of Michael Jackson. She later transitioned to a jazzy bebop version of Beyonce’s “Déjà vu” that would have made the best “scatters” proud. After paying homage to other greats, Julie Dexter gave the crowd what they came to see…a one-hour set spanning her decade plus career from her first EP, 2000’s “Peace of Mind” to 2005’s “Conscious”. It’s not too late to get familiar with this classically trained musician who writes, arranges, composes and produces her own music. “The Julie Dexter Collection” drops this fall. Do yourself a favor and “Ketch the Vibe”. www.juliedexter.com

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Marcus Riley, NBC5 Street Team (video)

The thing I love most about our collection of Street Team bloggers is their diverse group of interests. When
Rikki Greenberg
and I first met and discussed her joining the team, my first thought was, “I have no idea what this girl is talking about.” A lot of it has to do with age. Anyone over 30 can tell you how weird it is to discover how your frame of reference starts to drastically change compared to the generations below you. A few years ago I dated a gal who was only four years younger than me, but had no idea what Welcome Back Kotter was. I mean Welcome Back Kotter? Vinnie Barbarino? It’s like Riley, my favorite character from Boondocks said about Ice Cube: “Isn’t he that dude who does family movies?”

The gap is inevitable. I haven’t watched MTV since Beavis and Butthead ruled the airwaves, I can’t stand reality TV, and frankly could care less about Angelina’s babies — unless she wants to discuss having mine. But I’m not hating on anybody — obviously there’s a large segment of our population who wouldn’t be embarassed to be seen in public reading US Weekly.

Anyway, it struck me that it might be interesting for Rikki and I to do a podcast together. I mean, opposites make great teams, right? Here’s our first stab at it, and perhaps we’ll do more in the future. Let us know what you think, or if you have any suggestions for a name!

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Marcus Riley, NBC5 Street Team (video)

It’s impossible to miss him. Jonny Imerman stands out in a crowd. His bald dome is certainly one differentiator, but Jonny has a warmth and genuineness that automatically makes him the center of attention, particularly in the city’s bars and clubs where posing is an art form.

However, Jonny isn’t simply out there trolling the scene. As the t-shirt he consistently wears will attest, he’s on a constant mission to promote his charity, Imerman’s Angels. Jonny founded Immerman’s Angels after contracting and beating testicular cancer at the young age of 26.
Jonny Imerman
While fighting the disease, he noticed the need for a cancer patient to connect with someone who’s been through the same thing. Imerman’s Angels matches cancer fighters with those who’ve beaten the disease, providing a one-on-one relationship for encouragement from someone who is uniquely familiar with the situation.

Recently, the organization helped match its 1,000th cancer fighter with a survivor, a testament to Jonny’s drive and determination, and the loyal network of volunteers he’s gathered to support him.

Despite the life-and-death seriousness of the subject matter, the method the organization often uses to raise money is a lot of fun. Immerman’s Angels holds some of the best parties in town! But don’t take my word for it, check out their next bash on Saturday night at Lakeshore Athletic Club.

The one thing I always kid Jonny about is the throngs of women constantly surrounding him. But my buddies always remark about how he always makes an effort to introduce each and every person around him to each other. What a guy!

Click below to listen to my NBC5 Podcast interview with Jonny.

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Marcus Riley, NBC5 Street Team (video)

Back in the days when I was a TV reporter, we used to joke about some of the people we’d meet in the field who were obviously oblivious as to how TV technology worked. After the requisite explanation of what the story was about, we’d be about to begin our interview when the subject would say something along the lines of, “Wait a minute, are we live right now?” No satellite truck or a news van with an antenna mast in sight, yet this person believed we actually could have been live at that moment.

The funny thing is, those folks were actually on to something. What seemed impossible at the time, is now surprisingly easy, thanks to the technology made possible by Internet. On Friday, we documented Hungry Z’s quest to eat 65 Taste portions at the Taste of Chicago, and we streamed several hours of roving live coverage on this Web site with nothing more than an laptop connected to the Internet via a broadband card and a firewire cord connected to a video camera. Skype has become a popular way to make free Internet voice and video calls, and we used that technology to send the video feed back to the station, which we then fed through the Web site.

I know I get a little excited about this geeky tech stuff, but it’s things like this that represent a sea change in the media world — how information is gathered and disseminated to the audience at large. You may have already noticed the blurry Internet-style video on cable outlets like CNN and MSNBC.

Check out a video piece I put together this weekend that documents Hungry Z’s journey from the 5:45 a.m. news to the 6 p.m. news 12 hours later.

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Marcus Riley, NBC5 Street Team (video)

Watch the weekly “Word On The Street” segment on 24/7 Chicago: Secrets of the City,” at 12:05 a.m., immediately following Saturday Night Live on NBC5.

Hanging Out Downtown

This week we used the beautiful backdrop of Millenium Park to shoot our segment. We were initially going to use Grant Park, but unfortunately there wasn’t much happeing that Tuesday nights (at least until the Outdoor Film Festival starts in a couple of weeks. But I’m getting ahead of myself.)

Anyway, there’s plenty of options for live music, dance lessons and much more from Wednesday on into the weekends, and most of it is sponsored by the City of Chicago, which does a fabulous job of providing free and interesting entertainment in what’s often referred to as Chicago’s front yard. Here’s a few Web sites if you’re looking for some ideas.

Mayor’s Office Of Special Events
Chicago Park District
Millenium Park Web Site
The Local Tourist Festival Guide

Wii Wars at Harry Caray’s Tavern

I hesited before including this item this week. After all, the Crosstown Classic is on the South Side. And I’m not sure about this new Harry Caray’s in Wrigleyville. I’ve been once, and quite frankly, it felt a little sterile and lacked personality. The joint they had in there before was always jumping after Cubs games, and you were always guaranteed some good entertainment when the tipsy crowd whipped itself into a frenzy — especially after a Cubs win.

But I digress. It takes time for bars to develop a personality. And every Tuesday should be fun when Harry Caray’s allows you to match your skills against a celebrity at Wii Wars. It kicked off on June 17th when visitors had a chance to play Home Run Derby with none other than Mr. Cub himself, Ernie Banks. Brian Urlacher and former Cub Ryne Sandberg will also participate this summer.

Festival Of Life

I don’t get a lot of opportunities to really experience my Caribbean roots in this city — although the odd trek to Uncle Joe’s on the south side for some jerk chicken hits the spot — so that’s why I always look forward to the yearly African Caribbean celebration in Washington Park, which kicks off on Thursday.

Not only is it a fun time during the day, with a huge amount of food and merchandise vendors, but the music is off the hook as well. This year, Beenie Man is back on Friday (check out our 2006 interview). A name that true roots reggae heads will recognize is Gregory Isaacs, who will perform Saturday. And fellas, make sure you take your lady to this one, because no one sings a love song like Gregory Isaacs (sample). And on Saturday night, another reggae legend, Junior Reid, headlines. Check the Web site for more info.

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Marcus Riley, NBC5 Street Team (video)

So I set my TIVO and tried to watch CBS’s new show, Swingtown,, last night. The show has received a lot of attention, because it’s rare for the so-called “Tiffany Network” to air such racy fare. If you haven’t heard, Swingtown is based on a group of suburban Chicago couples in the 70s who swing with each other. The producer of the show, Mike Kelley, based many of the storylines on experiences he witnessed while growing up in Winnetka. I watched about 10 minutes of the show last night, and quite frankly, I thought it kind of sucked — not just because it’s on a competing network, but strictly because it bored me. My initial thought when I first heard about the show, was that only an HBO or Showtime could do the subject matter justice, and nothing I saw on the CBS show changed my opinion.

In a coincidence of all coincidences, before I even heard of “Swingtown,” I happened to have just completed a Better Sex podcast on swinging — in Chicago’s suburbs no less. Every few episodes, Dr. Laura Berman and I do what’s called a “Wild Card” segment, where I surprise her with the topic. This week I surprised her by bringing in a swinger for the interview, and we also ran a video camera on the interview. Watch how we start off with some small relationship talk before I drop the real reason why “Stephanie” was there. It’s also a glimpse at why I love working with Dr. Berman — nothing phases her when it comes to sex and relationships, and we just rolled with it.

Full Audio Podcast:

Video Teaser:

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