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stephanie_small1Stephanie S. Green, NBC Chicago Street Team


This Labor Day Weekend, the African Festival of the Arts celebrates its 20th Anniversary at Washington Park!  It is always a favorite and highly-anticipated way to end the summer and this year will be no exception!  Enjoy vendors with a variety of fabulous merchandise:  art, photography, clothing, accessories, body products, jewelry and so much more; delicious food; and, fantastic musical acts, including The Ohio Players, Booker T. Jones, Ahmad Jamal, George Clinton and many more national and local artists, fashion shows and dance.  Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and spend the whole day with plenty to keep you occupied and plenty of room to spread out, relax and regroup, and then continue to check out the vendors in the African Marketplace! 

Theres Something for All Ages!

There's Something for All Ages!

And don’t forget about the Pavilions where you will find activities to suit every taste!  At the Children’s Pavilion youth of all ages can learn and enjoy games, music, dance, storytelling, theater, arts and crafts all day long! Contributors include: Hyde Park Arts Center, the Field Museum and other family-focused institutions that offer fun, educational and interactive programs. Many social service agencies will be represented in the pavilion to provide answers to family, parental and children’s questions.

The ICE Theaters Film Pavilion presents daily screenings of short and full-length films that interpret the culture and experiences of peoples living in all parts of the African Diaspora.  They’ll also feature a showcase of films produced mainly by black filmmakers from around the world, including a section of works produced for and/or by black youth. Enjoy free popcorn, get free movie posters and learn more about Black World Cinema, an independent film series available only at your neighborhood ICE Theaters.

Ohio Players & George Clinton, too!

Ohio Players & George Clinton, too!

The Festival is world renowned for its assembly of artists from around the Diaspora featuring original paintings, sculptures limited editions, prints, photographs, and ceramics. This year, the Fine Arts Pavilion will include artists such as Stacey Brown (festival artist of the year), Emerson Williams, Uwa Hunwick, Bayo Iribhogbe, Frank Frasier, Melvin King, Rondell, Nii-Oti, Akosuah Bandele, Marvin Sims, Ousmane Gueye, Dana Easter, Dimali, Isodor Howard, Samuel Akainyah, and Dayo Layoe.

Visit the AFA Pavilion Page for more on the Chrysler Financial Pavilion, Author and Book Pavilion, Meet the Artists Media Tent, The Drum Village, Spirituality Pavilion, Health and Wellness Village, Cyberspace Pavilion, Quilting Pavilion and the HipHop Stage and Pavilion!  Visit the Festival Schedule Page for the full entertainment schedule, created by Soleil’s To-Dos and featuring the wonderful, interactive calendar features that you’ve grown to rely on!

Just Chillin

Just Chillin'

But wait – there’s more To-Do!!!  That’s right – be sure to visit the “All Chill Zone” at the Soleil’s To-Dos booth.  (You’ll find the booth number and location at www.so-LAZE.com, on the Facebook Page, through our Twitter Feed or by calling (773) 268 To-Do (8636).)  We’ll be stone cold chillin’ and giving you the perfect spot to catch up with friends, sit and eat, slap a few cards, wax poetic and groove to the beats – including live music!  Yes, thanks to Sam Martin, the Idea Doctor, you can expect some special guests to stop through and grace us with some mini-performances.  BYOChair, or cop a squat in one of ours, if available, and chill for a while!  We’ll also be doing some special giveaways including theater; concert tickets; dinners; and, for one lucky woman, a one-hour photo shoot with Lee Bey Photography!

So, whatever your plans this weekend, be sure to make a visit to the African Festival of the Arts!  The Festival runs from Friday through Monday, from 10am-10pm.  General Daily Admission, $10 in advance; $15 at the gate; Seniors and Children (Under 12 – over 65), $5; Daily Family Pass (2 adults and 4 children under 12), $30; Adult (4-day) Weekend Pass, $30.

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Theresa Carter, The Local Tourist, NBC Chicago Street Team

Today, the 445th anniversary of the Bard’s birth, is Talk Like Shakespeare Day. After four and a half centuries the poet’s influence is unquestioned and his works are a fixture in theater, nay, the entire English language.

Chicago Shakespeare TheaterYou don’t even have to use thee’s and thou’s. It’s downright zany how many words he coined. Whether you’re well-bred, well-educated, well-behaved, well-read, or even an uneducated blusterer, you’ve undoubtedly used several of them without even realizing it.

Of course, methinks tis much more fun to say prithee and fie and to curse like a black-faced ill-tempered cruelhearted jackanape.

When she’s not celebrating the birthdays of dead poets, Theresa uses as many Shakespearean words as possible on The Local Tourist

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Reggie Brown, NBC5 Street Team

Over the course of the last year ‘change’ has been on the tongues and minds of everyone in America. Right now in the spirit of the holiday season there’s an amazing way for you to help change lives across the world and help educate the people of southern Sudan.This time we’re talking about pocket change. Tomorrow, December 14 is the designated 24 hour donation day for PACODES’ library development project.

The goal is to raise $100,000, this may seem like a lot of money but they’re only asking each person to donate $1. Of course $1 is the minimum donation requested but you are asked to be as generous as possible. The great thing about this fundraiser is that it’s relying on the power of word and the concept of strength in numbers. If the word reaches 100,000 people and they all donate, the goal is attained and you played a vital part in enriching and educating someone who would not normally have that opportunity.  Tell everyone, your coworkers, friends, family, the barista at Starbucks, the teller at the bank, anyone you come in contact with. 

 PACODES is a nonprofit organization that  is determined to provide the people of the war and genocide torn Payijar region in Southern Sudan with a habitable and sustainable lifestyle. Right now, the focus of PACODES is building a library  to help provide education and spread literacy to a part of the world that desperately needs it, a place where children actually want to go to school.This particular project has been underway for quite some time now and is still in the fundraising stage.   With the combined efforts of the you, the supporters of  PACODES and the rest of the world, we have the ability to supply a war torn and impoverished region of the world with the simple basic tools they need to provide education and empowerment for their people.  


Check out these videos to get more info:

  • Video #1
  • Video#2
  • Video#3
  • Give a little bit of your love and change tomorrow then give yourself a big pat on the back, you deserve it.

    Log onto www.libraryproject.org and tell everyone you know. You’ll be glad you did.

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    Cara Carriveau, NBC Chicago Street Team

    Twilight is such a highly anticipated movie that literally mobs of excited fans are attending all the promotional stops prior to the movie (especially when the incredibly handsome Robert Pattinson is involved). I’m halfway through the book by Stephenie Meyer right now and definitely understand what draws the fans. Her story is very intriguing. I am absolutely glued to the book. And from what I’m hearing from those who attended the preview earlier this week, the movie is very true to the book. And the ladies all agree that Robert Pattinson is yummy.  The movie officially opens here this weekend.

    I spoke to actor Peter Facinelli this week. He plays the very handsome Dr. Carlisle Cullen, one of thepeterfacinelli vampires in Twilight. He was incredibly modest not only about his good looks (c’mon!) but also about assuming that the movie would be hugely successful garnering a guaranteed sequel. He spilled to me that he was a vegetarian until he filmed this movie. Apparently, playing a vampire made him crave red meat!

    You can listen to our conversation by clicking HERE.

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    Cara Carriveau, NBC Chicago Street Team

    I’ve been recording my podcast Cara’s Basement from my house for almost two years.  It’s very convenient – I do interviews over the phone with artists who are all over the world, so sometimes I’m talking to them at strange times.  In this case, it was 7am.  I had just gotten out of the shower.  Wearing nothing but a towel, I chatted with former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor.  Maybe that’s “TMI” but I can’t tell you how wierd it was to be talking to him while I was practically naked.  I kept thinking how envious many other women would be.  Let’s face it, Duran Duran played a pretty significant role in the popularity of MTV and was a majorly H U G E group in the 1980’s.  They still are – I have plenty of friends who still totally dig Duran Duran and their recent material has been great.

    Andy Taylor wrote a juicy tell-all book, “Wild Boy” .  If ever there Andy Taylor Wild Boywas someone who lived the life of a rock star, it was him.  It’s a really fun book to read and it was remarkable talking to him about what it was like to play at Live Aid  when the much-anticipated Led Zeppelin took place (they were onstage right after Zep!), performing for Princess Diana and almost getting assassinated, filming video’s with real elephants and almost drowning, and much more.   You can listen to our conversation now at www.CarasBasement.com.

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    Cara Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

    Anyone who grew up in Chicago and listened to the radio in the 60’s have fond memories of Clark Weber. I didn’t move here until 1989 but I’ve heard about him over the years and was very excited to pick up his new book, “Clark Weber’s Rock & Roll Radio: The Fun Years, 1955-1975”.  It’s a really cool coffee-table book with lots of great pictures and extremely entertaining stories.  The best part is the CD that comes with it with plenty of radio clips from back in the day.

    I am so glad that I made a point of meeting him at a book signing.  He’s had quite an interesting life & career in radio.  I admire him and consider him a mentor.   His book is a must for anyone who is a fan of radio or a fan of music from the ’50’s-’70’s.

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    Erik Sorensen, NBC5 Street Team

    18 months after taking over as publisher of UR Chicago, En Prise Entertainment has regrettably pulled the plug on the print edition of their beloved magazine , citing printing costs in a difficult economical time as the primary culprit.

    Founded in 1997, The popular lifestyle and entertainment magazine reached a monthly circulation rate of 45.000 copies and has been an editorial hub for all things art in Chicago for years. Keeping the city’s hipsters and artists updated with trends in nightlife, music, theater, art, film, dining and fashion isn’t an easy task – (especially on a monthly basis); but the publication’s enthusiastic and up-to-speed staff have been steadily providing a labor of love that will undoubtedly be missed.

    Before you drain your tear ducts completely, though, you should know that UR Chicago will be concentrating all of its future efforts into the online realm via their website, URChicago.com. The site will update daily with album, book, film and gave reviews in addition to cluing Chicago in on the “what’s what” of indie nightlife.

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