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D.C. “Fete Select TV” Crenshaw, NBC5 Street Team

Get ready for summer camp with a city twist. Come support One Step At A Time Camps for kids with cancer at Campfire Ball 2009.e123566505212

 Reserve your tickets now before they’re all gone! N9NE Steakhouse & Ghostbar host this spectacular event, including:

  • Inventive cocktails & camp-themed favorite foods all night long
  • Hot DJs rocking the house and keeping the crowd pumping
  • Several chances to support camp kids with fabulous silent auction items
  • Raffle prizes and more…                         

Saturday, April 18th  

                   ~N9NE Steakhouse & Ghostbar

           440 W. Randolph Street 


It’s all the fun without the curfew.

Get your tickets today! 


                               $75 per ticket when you buy them now

                              $100 per ticket at the door


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LaShonda Matlock, NBC Chicago Street Team

Break out your favorite pajamas, teddy bear and pillows because the feathers will be flying Saturday at the Chicago celebration of International Pillow Fight Day.

This year’s local event will be held in front of the Art Institute (111 S. Michigan Ave.) between 2 – 4 p.m.

Click here to read the rest of this post on nbcchicago.com.

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Cara Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

Okay, a few months ago, when Marty Casey abruptly left The Lovehammersmy FAVORITE BAND…I was beside myself.  Angry, disappointed, and a slew of other not-so-happy emotions.  I bit my tongue, literally, purposely not speaking on the record to anyone in (or formerly in) The Lovehammers.  I figured it’d be too easy to spew something in the heat of the moment that might be regretted later.  I knew that after some time passed emotions would subside.

I’m somewhat surprised that I’m ready to see Marty Casey perform this weekend.  My daughter’s birthday is this week and she’s never had the chance to see him play, so part of her gift is to experience his acoustic performance Saturday at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle.  Marty will be there this Saturday afternoon 3-5 in the store signing autographs and then performs a live acoustic set at 5:30p.

The first 100 people to purchase his “Trees” dog tag necklace will receive a free CD single of “Trees” (a special acoustic version featuring Marty Casey and Dave Navarro).

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Jennifer and Brooke, NBC5 Street Team

Woooo! After squeezing in a last minute summer vacation, situating Brooke back into the school routine and getting her signed up for fall activities, I’m finally getting a chance to catch a breath. This year, however, I had to cut down on some of Brooke’s extracurricular activities now that daily homework has been added into her equation. But for those of you out there looking for some interesting options, I have a few suggestions that may help.

  • For your aspiring little gymnasts and rock climbers, check out Lakeshore Academy in River West.
  • Chicago Multicultural Dance Center offers a variety of dance styles including ballet that either you or your little one will enjoy. It’s located in the South Loop.
  • For the musically inclined, the South Loops’ Sherwood Conservatory of Music has a smorgasbord of vocal and instrumental classes for all ages.
  • With eight Chicagoland locations, Language Stars is great for an introduction to, or reinforcement of a foreign language.
  • The Entertainment Project in Wicker Park will help your little thespians and artists fine tune their creative niches. 

I know there are countless more programs all over Chicagoland that are excellent options for kids. Feel free to Comment back and share your favorites!

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Cara Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

In my last post I described how seeing Eddie Vedder with my husband was so cool because he is such a big fan. To be truthful, I also like Vedder so it wasn’t like I was sacrificing anything going to that concert. However, taking my daughter and her two friends to see The Jonas Brothers Sunday night was absolutely an act of sheer love for my daughter. Nothing against The Jonas Brothers, I think they’re really talented and I even like their new songs – but I knew that there would be thousands of loud screaming girls. Boy, was I right.

Just Before We Left For The Wrong Venue

Just Before We Almost Headed To The Wrong Venue. Oops!

The night began with me almost taking them to wrong venue.  I thought the concert was at Charter One Pavillion dowtown along the lakefront.  Just before I drove away the father of one of the girls I was taking ran to my car to tell me it was at The First Midwest Bank Amplitheatre in Tinley Park.  Okay, so both venues are named after banks – I have an excuse to be confused!

Ouch, My Ears!

Ouch, My Ears!

Once we got to our seats I offered many times to go get the girls something to eat or anything else they needed – not just to be nice, but to get away from the screaming crowd.  Honestly, I’ve been to many concerts and none – including Metallica and Def Leppard – were anywhere near this decibel level.  It wasn’t The Jonas Brothers being too loud, it was the screaming girls in the audience.  I was pleased to discover a “parents tent”.  But it was empty.  I walked a bit further and found where the parents were – in line for beer!  

My Daughter Rockin'

My Daughter Rockin'

My only real complaint of the night was that there were not enough people working the merchandise booths.  There easily could have been double the booths and quadruple the workers so the huge lines would have moved a bit quicker.  The long wait to get out of the parking lot was expected with a sold out show, but the the late night construction on I-57 caught me off guard.  Our trip home was excruciatingly long.  

The Jonas Brothers and their opening acts put on a great show.  The best part of the night:  The audience could text messages to appear on the huge jumbotrons.  My daughter Jeri texted “Bark If You Like Joe Jonas“.  Hearing 30,000+ people bark on her orders was priceless!

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Cara Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

I have many memories of Lollapalooza. Great music. Fun people-watching. Interviewing artists like Duffy and Tally Hall. Surprisingly delicious and affordable food at the concert. Running into friends I hadn’t seen in years. Hearing “Come Sail Away” by Styx sampled by one of the artists on stage (loved that!). The sea of urine on the sidewalks surrounding Grant Park (didn’t love that, especially the smell).

Without a doubt, though, my fondest memory is that of bringing my 3 year old son Sam. We tried our best but couldn’t secure a sitter on Saturday. Since kids under 10 get in free at Lollapalooza we took him with us as soon as he woke up from his afternoon nap. I am pretty certain that he was youngest mosher for Rage Against The Machine. Luckily, we were able to keep him far from the rowdy crowd in the press area. Earlier we took him to see The Toadies play. To say he loved them is putting it mildly.

Check out this video (try to watch until the very end – it’s got a cute finale):

Did your parents take you to Woodstock???

Click HERE to see a ton of Lollapalooza photos.

Type my name in the search bar to see/hear more of my posts including interviews with Alanis Morissette, The Bravery, Lovehammers, O.A.R’s Marc Roberge, Triumph’s Rik Emmett, Matthew Santos, Shooting Star, Mike Tafoya, Absentstar, comedian Lee Camp & more.

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Fayth aka Relaxocat, NBC5 Street Team

I don’t really care for the color pink and I’m not mushy.  On the other hand, I love interactive art installations and unique things that make you say, “Wow, that was really cool and now I’m all happy!”  So with no further adieu, let me introduce you to “Pink: A (Love) Courier Service”.

Love on the line...

Love on the line...

In July I found out about some great people that come from Austin, Texas.  One of them is the Street Team’s new blogger, Desiree.  The other people are artists, poets, and performers that comprise “Pink: A (Love) Courier Service”.  What is it?  Don’t  think about cheesy flowers or cards, neither of which can convey your message.  “Pink” is the most unique interactive art (and cycling) project to arrive in Chicago in some time.  And time is limited because Pink is only around until August 15th.  You absolutely must go because it’ll brighten your day and the day of someone you “Pink”.  It’s a courier service delivering your love notes in a bottle.  This is not a business so really they do this out of love for their project.  They don’t define love for you; no cliche’ cards, no “hearts and flowers” or things that will taint your experience.  The experience is one that is not only fun, it is strangely simple and it’s almost confusing (except for typing on a manual typewriter, which was actually cool).  Who needs email and text messages for love notes anyway?

Click here to see a slideshow of the Pink experience.  A couple of my friends “pinked” people and one of them loved it so much she became a volunteer courier, code name “Cicada”.  Show up at the “Love Factory”, housed in Wicker Park.  A white room with pink accents and furniture, but NOT girlie or overdone.  It’s bright, simple, and inviting.  You are gleefully greeted – “Welcome to Pink! Are you familiar with our service?”,  follow the pink dotted line, then take time to decide what to type – yes, that’s “type” as in typewriters, not computer keyboards – onto your pink piece of paper.  If you need help or guidance, ring the bell on the desk and they’ll help you out, point you toward books of poetry for inspiration or maybe tell you something funny to make you relax.  They seem to know that the simplicity is disorienting for some.  Once you’re done, make your donation in the jar on the table (this is a non-profit project so don’t be a cheapskate because someone is after all delivering your love), and send your note down the line – don’t forget to shout, “Love on the line!!” – everyone else will too, so do it because it’s exhilarating.  Sometime thereafter your message is bottled and delivered by a pink clad volunteer bicycle courier to anyone you want to send some love to within the city limits.  Pick up some “Pink” gear – big bottles of massage oil look appealing especially if you consider how happy your love note recipient is going to be.  If you’re a guy and think that this is a “chick” thing, you’re wrong.  I hung out there for nearly an hour and only saw guys sending notes.

“Pink” is the project of Jaclyn Pryor aka Heffi McHefferson who began “Pink” back in Austin where 2,007 people sent notes.  The project then rode off to Portland, becoming “Pink On Tour”, landing here on July 26th.  Don’t walk in there like I did and say, “I’m looking for Jaclyn.” because everyone who volunteers there goes by a code name, hence everyone in the room will say, “There’s no Jaclyn here!”.  I thought, “Ok,  I’m Relaxocat!”.  Remember, though this is a service, it’s also performance art.  I was relieved to hear from Heffi that she wasn’t a fan of the color pink either. She told me she chose it for many reasons, but the project had her “reprogram” how she felt about it.  She was right, the project changed my vibe about the color too.  Are you wondering how it’s art?  You have to interact with the project to understand, but in simpler terms you can also elect to allow your note to be printed in an upcoming book that they will soon have published.  Heffi, Nancy, Prince Pony or anyone in the factory will chat you up if you want to find out more.

  • What: Pink: A (Love) Courier
  • Where: 2215 W. North Ave. (click here for a map)
  • When: Until August 15th – Wed-Sun, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Cost: Free, but please donate to support the project
  • More info: Pink and Pink In Chicago

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