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Erik Sorensen, NBC5 Street Team

So this is what it’s come down to, has it?

Taking the least respectable portion of a demographic and giving them a platform on which to embarrass themselves and everyone they represent? So has been, and continues to be the ongoing trend in reality television. Normally, you’d breathe a sigh of disapproval, change the channel and feel sorry for the city or culture that has just been misrepresented. This time is different, though. This time it’s personal.

According to www.oconnorcasting.tv, O’Connor Casting has begun searching for White Sox fans who live on Chicago’s South Side, who dislike the Cubs, and who (wait for it….)  resemble a  “”Jersey Shore” type of reality star.”   The casting call goes on to describe its criteria: ARE YOU THE NEXT “Jersey Shore” TYPE OF REALITY STAR? Do you live on Chicago’s Southside? Are you the GUY or GIRL who is awesome in oh so many ways? Are you sexy, crazy, fun, outgoing, outrageous, love to make things exciting, always up for an adventure, and a HUGE SOX fan who thinks the CUBS suck? If so, then we want you, your friends, your total awesomeness. CONTACT US NOW!”  View the entire casting call here: http://oconnorcasting.tv/castingboard/index.php?q=node/6

In other words — unless I’m mistaken — an excuse to manufacture a Chicago version of what has become one of the most socially protested, insulting, grotesque displays of human behavior in recent television history.  Already, I can hear the collective sounds of Chicagoans (myself included) hurling their lunches into their laps. White Sox fans and South Siders don’t deserve to be represented by the lowest common denominator of individual. We are one city, despite the connotation a show like this would suggest.

While the website does not disclose when, where or on how grand a scale the reality show will air, one thing is certain: whether you’re a Cubs fan, or White Sox fan, or don’t care for sports altogether – this is bad for Chicago. Period.

There is no benefit in plucking the most abominable members of any fan base, culture or city and parading them around as if they were the majority. “Jersey Shore” became a television phenomenon for all the wrong reasons. Its success came at the the expense of many who never asked to be associated with the stereotypes the show has created. And yet, it seems companies are tripping over themselves to clone and serve up the next batch of culturally destructive, two-dimensional, well…… “Hiney Birds,” as “HawkHarrelson might describe them.

Shame on any Chicago-based company that so willingly offers up its own people to be used as embarrassing pawns in the name of a reality television show. The Windy City deserves better.

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Reggie Brown, NBC Chicago Street Team

Hear ye hear ye! Friends, spenders, shoppers, lend me your ears!  Change has come to Chicago fashion at just the right time.  For the second time this Spring, four of Chicago’s apparel and accessory showrooms are teaming up to bring you the fashion phenomenon known as ” The Sample Sale”.

Commonly found on both the East and West coasts, shopping a sample sale is  the ideal way to boost your wardrobe without busting your bank. From an average consumer viewpoint the deals are so good they almost don’t make sense . When the sale first premiered weeks ago, I left with an estimated $1000 worth of clothes and accessories for $240. T shirts that you’d find at boutique stores for $60 and up, were marked between $10-$15. Designer underwear from Bjorn Borg a mere $10 per pair compared to their normal selling price, upwards of $35 per pair. One of the other benefits to shopping the sample sale is being the first to be seen in some of the season’s hottest new styles or be the first to take home a one of a kind sample.

Find mens and womens clothing and accessory samples at discounts of up to 80% retail by lines including:

Ted Baker, Bjorn Borg, Superdry, Shared, Triple 5 Soul, 1921 Denim, Serfontaine Denim, Chaser LA, Five Crown T Shirts, Goorin Hats, Tretorn, Enyce, Royal Elastics, and tons more!!  

The $5 racks and 2 for $5 bins are a God send, I stocked up on birthday and graduation gifts to spread the love.

They’re accepting cash only, so make sure you hit up an ATM before you arrive. Take my advice,bring a little more cash than you were planning on spending, you won’t be sorry.

Admission is free and the sale runs from 5-10 pm today and tomorrow only  (June 4th and 5th) so get on over there!

1200 W 35th st 4th Floor (On the corner of 35th and Racine)

Parking is available in the lot on the North side of the building.

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Monica, NBC5 Street Team

When I was a young girl growing up in Bridgeport the streets ran rampant with “gang bangers” and “hillbillies” which, at the time, was just the way of life until my (then) best friend’s brother was killed just blocks from my home. (That’s when my parents decided that we would move it on up…)

Now that I’ve grown up, I realize that Bridgeport wasn’t normal; it was a breeding ground for hatred and racism. I guess that’s why it’s a little hard for me to grasp how, not more than 12 years later, my sketchy little Irish/Italian neighborhood has become “The community of the future”.

The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference coined by the people over at indie arts and culture rag, Lumpen Magazine, who also house their headquarters/art space, “The Co-Prosperity Sphere”, in said up-and-coming hood.

Last week, the space hosted Snowball, a fundraiser for Version, their annual spring arts fest. The event had everything you could ever want: live music, 80s karaoke and a wild spaceship ride in the basement (…the ride alone was worth the 7 dollar entry fee).

While I’m sure the lifelong residents aren’t really happy about the influx of coffee shops, condos and art kids, I think this is a really positive change for the neighborhood. I hope that other Chicagoans feel the same way or at least make an effort to see what a real “artsy” neighborhood should look like.

I will say that Bridgeport is probably the poor man’s Wicker Park (now), but like the kids said, albeit jokingly, it is truly going to be THE community of the future.

Here’s what you missed/have to look forward to…

Slideshow: Snowball Fundraiser

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