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Shlomi Rabi, NBC5 Street Team

It has become generally acceptable to frequent a club or a bar for the chance to flirt with the hot bartender with the great smile, or the sexy server with the smoldering body. But what about the DJ’s? While normally relegated to an unseen elevated tier above the dance floor, here are some of the hotties who will be raising the roof–and the temperature, tomorrow night:

DJ Voxbox
As one of the most interesting DJ’s to emerge in the scene in recent memory, this handsome sexpot orchestrates his Retromash symphony every Friday night at Wild Pug. Recently named one of the most eligible bachelors by Time Out, this Illinois native weaves his unique techno-robot-futuristic beat into some of everyone’s favorite tunes, from the 1960’s to present day.


Tevis Jory
If Dita von Teese had a younger, sassier sister, DJ Tevis Jory would be it. Tall, slender, and with the perfect mix of punk, spunk and style, this Wicker Park beauty takes command of the booth every Friday night at Northside. Spicing up the night with tunes that will have you dancing, singing and rocking it out, this girl is at least as entertaining as the music she so deftly mixes.


DJ Greg Haus
With his boyish good looks, a funky blond mop, and green eyes, this veteran DJ knows how to throw his crowd into ecstasy. Working his magic at Berlin every Friday night, Haus has been sending electric shockwaves through some of the most buzzed about parties in town, including the bluechip MCA’s debut for Wolfgang Tillmans. Don’t be surprised if you also happen to catch him at Neo, Hydrate, Smart Bar or the Funky Buddha Lounge–that’s what happens when you’re in demand.


DJ Shaka 23
The grand dame of electronic beats, this former New York City model has amassed one of the most impressive repertoires in town. Lavish New Year’s Eve parties at the Sofitel and W hotels? Been there. Collaborating with Boy George on Glamourama? Done that. This sought-after trendsetting femme fatale concocts what could only be described as musical cocktails: part disco, part electro, and a good squeeze of funk. Watch her serve it at the Victor Hotel.


DJ Ryan Paradise
Something about the combination of chiseled features, a smooth ‘tude and perfect mastery over just about any kind of music always gets us off our feet and up on the dance floor. Come watch this self-proclaimed “Graphic Mad Man” kick it off at the Wicker Park staple Debonaire tomorrow night.


One encounter with any of these sexy Chicagoans, and the conversation with the hot bartender and the smiley server will be limited to: “Hey, think you could introduce me to the DJ?”

To learn more about what makes Shlomi spin right around in Chicago click here.

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D.C. “Fete Select TV” Crenshaw, NBC5 Street Team

Bartenders, as we once knew them are becoming extinct.  They are being replaced by professionals that are more creative, specialized and that take their craft a lot more serious.  The  new age bartender has emerged to become a “mixologist” and many of them were on hand at the recent “10 Cane Rum Ministry of Bartenders” at Le Lan restaurant downtown Chicago.b87791

10 Cane Rum is considered by some to be the best rum, based on how it is extracted from the best cane and distilled.   The ability to concoct creative cocktails from this spirit makes it fun for mixlogists.  The Ministry of Bartenders event featured four different specialty cocktails that were paired with appetizers and a three course dinner.  One of the notable mixologists on hand was Adam Seger of Nacional 27.  Adam discussed how he uses organic ingredients to mix up his creations and lent a hand to make a couple of the featured cocktails for the evening.  The cocktails included:

Georgia Peach – 10 cane rum, ginger peach jam, ginger beer, peach bitters

10 Cane Spiced Pear Daiquiri – 10 cane rum, fresh comice pear juice, lemon juice, spiced syrup, (clove, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, black pepper corns, sugar, water) garnish pear slice

Rhubarb Sour – 10 cane rum, rhubarb sour, aperol, lemon juice, egg white

Swan Song – 10 cane rum, tamarind syrup, licor 43, coconut water, lime juice


Nacional 27 Mixologist Adam Seger prepares a 10 Cane Rum cocktail.

Log onto www.10cane.com for more information and recipes.  Watch Fete Select TV on www.efete.net for the newest and hottest restaurants in Chicago.

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Paul M. Banks a.k.a. The Sports Bank, NBC5 Street Team

Check it out! I’ll be guest hosting the Morning Break sports talk radio show on Friday, February 27th from 10am-noon AM 1240. Listen online, at work, or in your car and maybe call-in too 773 792 1240 http://www.morningbreak1240.com/.

We’ll be discussing Chicago sports, the beginning of baseball, the coming of March Madness, thesportsbank.net, maybe the Soxman and much more. Part of the reason we sports fans love watching our teams play is because we have plenty of people out there to discuss and debate the players and games that we find so compelling. So NBC and Sports Bank commenters, be sure to come on out and partake in the discussion on Friday!

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Theresa Carter, The Local Tourist, NBC Chicago Street Team

Brian Duncan and Bin 36 have been acknowledged often by the wine and restaurant industry for expertise in their field. He’s been titled Gourmet’s Chicago Wine Director of the Year and is a James Beard nominee; the restaurant is winner of the Best Wine Pairing System by Wine & Spirits Magazine, and recipient of the Award of Unique Distinction from Wine Enthusiast. Yet despite the accolades in a profession known for its exclusivity, he’s managed to develop for Bin 36 a reputation of a comfortable and welcoming approach to wine.

Duncan is also a winemaker, and at a tasting of some of the 2006 and 2007 Bin 36 wines his enthusiasm was palpable. In fact, he was so entertaining it seems to me the best way to capture it is to let you “hear” him.

On making wine:

“I think of myself as more of a wine chef than a wine maker.”

“They ask me ‘where’s your vineyard, where’s your winery. But if I were a chef they wouldn’t ask me where’s your farm, where’s your cow.”

On the hospitality industry:

“I should not have to be a tailor to get my suit altered.”

“I don’t want to talk somebody into the wines.”

“I want to see wine at every table. At $100 a bottle I can’t do that.”

“We’re in the hospitality industry first. We’ve got no business making anybody feel uncomfortable.”

On Chicago:

“We’re not a great restaurant city because (just) one of us is good.”

“That’s the reason Chicago is unlike any other city.” (after pointing out several other restaurateurs and the sense of community they share)

On wine & wine tasting:

“Approach food and wine like a kid who’s had cotton candy for the first time and the top of his head is about to blow off.”

“I don’t care if it’s from Mars or Timbuktu as long as it tastes good.”

And my favorite quote of the night:

“If somebody’s making you feel bad about a wine that you like, tell ’em to getcha hell outta yo face.”

When Theresa’s not tasting wine, she’s posting wine tastings on The Local Tourist.

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Marcus Riley, NBC Chicago Street Team

A Hyde Park woman is on track to becoming PETA’s “Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door.”

Sheena Spikes is one of 12 finalists chosen out of more than 1,000 entries in the United States and Canada for the contest.

Spikes adopted the vegan lifestyle after reading the book Skinny Bitch, and felt the need to combat a hereditary predisposition to heart disease.

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Shlomi Rabi, NBC5 Street Team

At first glance, it seems that with the holidays and the awards seasons officially over, all major excuses to indulge in delightfully hedonistic activities have been exhausted.

However, a closer look at the calendar reveals that one more indulgence — and the most delectable one — is left. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for Mardi Gras.

As the most festive day of the year, Mardi Gras celebrates anything hopelessly addictive, senselessly decadent, and outrageously pleasurable. So whether you like boys, girls, or both, here are just some of the events going on in Chicago this Fat Tuesday.

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Marcus Riley, NBC Chicago Street Team

A North Side bar believes it has just the cure if you’re suffering from a case of the winter blues.

Kirkwood (2934 N. Sheffield) is hosting its first annual Polar Bear Party on Saturday.

From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., two hot tubs will be set up in the beer garden.

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